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User Review:

“I absolutely love it! Almond matches my shade perfectly because it has red undertones. When I first seen this product, I didn’t really know what to choose because my skin is brown, but the brown powder doesn’t match me at all. So then I looked at walnut, walnut was close but it still wasn’t me. Then I put almond and it was truly a perfect match. Its great, didn’t cause my any breakouts either. I do reapply it a couple of times a day because it seems to need a little touching up here and there. Then too, I probably don’t apply it heavily enough? I’m new to makeup. They also have a cream to powder, and I don’t like that one. I don’t like the cream to powder because it just doesn’t look as good as the mineral pressed powder for some reason, I don’t know. The only reason I once ended up with the cream to powder was because I didn’t know that when I first picked it up that it wasn’t the same as I had initially (the mineral pressed powder). I’m headed to the beauty supply store today to pick up some more. It seems to run out quickly, but its so affordable that it doesn’t matter. To me, the mineral pressed powder is better than what I was using before. Before I found this, I was using Kiss BB cream in light/medium, but, I think the liquids and creams are more prone to break me out although the shade of that matched me in a decent way. I’ve also used Garnier BB cream and the problem with that is it doesn’t last all day. Maybeline BB cream is too high for a small tube when you can get something else like this lovely Nicka K.”- Allyson Ellraty¬† @Amazon

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