We respect the privacy and concerns of our customers. The use of this site creates an agreement by the user to be bound without limits to this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement describes the information we gather about you, what we do with it, the safeguards we have in place to protect it, and how you can control our use of it.

The site is not intended to collect the information of users under the age of eighteen. If you are under eighteen, please do not send us any personal information. Further, for those users who do send us personal information, we ask that you do not send us personal information unless you consent to the application of United States law and to the use and disclosure of your personal information as pursuant to this Privacy Statement.

We may collect Personal Information when you inquire, purchase, order or exchange products from our website. Or provide us with comments and suggestions. We may also collect Personal Information from our Service Providers who provide us with e-commerce related services.

We may use Personal Information, such as information provided to us from our Service Providers to improve and enhance your experience. This may also be done by combining the Personal Information provided by you with public information and information we revive from our servers to personalize your experience and for promotional purposes.

We will collect your credit card or debit card information when you purchase on our site. We use this to process your orders and may keep a history of your purchases. This is done to better assist you when you return to our site again. If you choose to return or exchange a product, we may ask you to provide your name, address and other information that identifies you. This is done to prevent fraud.

We are legally bound to provide personal information as required by law. If we are requested by judicial proceedings, law enforcement officials or related persons to provide personal information, we may do so. This includes claims of personal or public safety, subpoenas, search warrants, litigation matters, debt collection and all other legally valid inquiries.
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